Posted on: March 22, 2009 10:27 am

Spring Sleepers for 2009...so far??

These guys have stood out for me in the past month of Spring Training and I was hoping to help a few of you out there that haven't had the time (or patience) to notice. I know that spring stats sometimes don't pan out but last year I  was picking in an AL only league and there was a player that was killing the ball all spring, batting .400 while loading up on RBIs. I tossed and turned the night of the draft and finally with my 5th pick I couldn't take it anymore and I pounced....I'll take Josh Hamilton. Everyone in the room said it was too early. On that note, these are the guys that are standing out for me this year.

1. Jordan Zimmerman, Nats- Great spring numbers plus high touted prospect equals great late grab!

2. Mike Fontenot, Cubs- He will start at second and he has the bat to impress.

3. Chris Getz, White Sox- Also starting at second, great speed power combo and rumored to lead off.

4. Pablo Sandoval, Giants- This guy is my favorite sleeper that isn't a sleeper anymore?

5. Anthony Reyes, Indians- I can see him winning 15 this year from the former WS hero.

6. Brett Gardner, Yankees- If he can hold onto CF he will run with it...get it..he's fast, never mind.

7. Paul Maholm, Pirates- I will never again draft a Pirate pitcher but if I had to this would be the one.

8. Tommy Hanson, Braves- He will end the year with better numbers that Price.

9. Elvis Andruss, Rangers- No substance to this, I just have a good feeling about him with the starting nod.

10. Kendry Morales, Angels- Great bat, great glove, 1B, OF eligible and in the middle of a lot of guys that get on base.

Well, I hope this helps someone out there. As we all know, fifty percent of fantasy sports is luck and the other fifty is tons of research and game watching so....... good luck and get to work!



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